Random Mind-Blowing Facts That Will Make You Knowledgeable You

Random Mind-Blowing Facts That Will

Make You Knowledgeable You

Mind Blowing Unknown Facts

  • Bananas are also radioactive but its quantity is very low that's why when we eat 265 bananas every day throughout the whole year then it will give the side effects.
  • The height of the Eiffel Tower increases by 6 inches in summer due to the expansion of iron because of heat in summer.
  • Romans are ancient to us but the pyramids of Giza are more and more ancient to Romans. So, then imagine how old these pyramids are.
  • The chips bags are filled with nitrogen to preserve the freshness of chips and it also safeguards the chips by crushing during shipping.
  • When we snap our fingers then our fingers travel at 20 miles per hour.
  • In research of Harvard University it is concluded that when the dogs' dream then they dream 70-80% about its owner.
  • According to TOBA CATASTROPHE THEORY, our world population was only 10,000 due to the eruption of a supergiant volcano in Indonesia 70,000 years ago.
  • We use the word “JUMBO” to depict big things like jumbo size shirts, jumbo size biscuits but it was the name of an elephant who lived in the UK in the 1800s.
  • Jumbo was the first celebrity animal who got famous throughout the world.
  • According to the studies, the perfect time of vacation is 8 days because at that time the relaxing level increases simultaneously and it is at a peak point on the 8th day.
  • A place whose name was SWAZILAND who made a law that “Any witch can’t fly above 150 metres in the sky” because the people of that place believe in witches.
  • The fishes didn’t drink water but it absorbed water by its gills through the process of osmosis.
  • When we smell a metal it smells but metal doesn’t have any smell. Basically, the smell is produced by the reaction between metal and sweat.
  • We use a piece of paper as money but in ancient times after the birth of money the animals like cows, camels, ox, etc are considered as money and they use them as money.
  • The 500g of spider silk can cover the whole earth means when we can start covering from one point of the earth to the other then it can cover the whole earth.
  • The world's first photo was captured in 1826 and it was clicked by JOSEPH NICEPHORE NIEPCE and it takes about 8 hours to make that photo.
  • The world’s first camera that was commercially available in the market was “THE GIROUX DAGUERREOTYPE”.
  • In the United States, there is a famous place which is New York where dogs are trained for driving.
  • A cormorant is a place whose mayor is a dog whose name is a duke who had won the election for the third time in a row.
  • We can convert a black & white photo into a colourful image. There is the technology to convert it but it can be done by a specialist.
  • Studies show that people are far more likely to regret things they haven't done than the things they have done.
  • The voice of mom gives you the feeling of a hug and it was proved scientifically that after the call of mom the mind got relaxed automatically.
  • George Crum was the inventor of chips and he invented it by chance when an angry person wants slim and thin chips. And this event happened in 1853.
  • In India, there is a bridge whose name is “Bandra Worli Sea Link” which is situated in Mumbai. When we stretch each piece of the wires or strings that have been used in this bridge it will cover the circumference of the earth numerically it means that it will cover about 40,075 Km.
  • An English actor whose name is “Sir Kingsley” but his real name is “Krishna Pandit Bhanji”. His father belongs from Gujarat. And he is also an Indian.
  • The name India was taken from a river whose name is “Indus” River. The full form of INDIA no one knows but it is “Independent Nation Declared In August”.
  • In Japan, the teacher teaches the art “Origami” in the school because studies say that it increases the Patience, Skill, Memory and concentration level of the children.
  • When we cross breed the Zebra and Donkey then the product comes out as a “Zonkey”. Whose other name is “Zedonk”.
  • Generally, the fruit is grown at the branches of the tree but a tree whose name is “Jabuticaba” whose fruits grows on its trunk.
  • There is a feeling whose name is "Treppenwitz" which refers to the feeling that one gets when they think of a witty comeback or remark long after the moment has passed.
  • It is a weird fact that earwax also has a function that protects us from harmful bacteria who also may cause infection. It basically means that it protects us from an ear infection.
  • Apes are similarly intelligent as the humans because they also use sign languages for their communication but only one thing that separates apes from mankind is consciousness which means that they didn’t know that they could learn new things.
  • In the studies of “YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY” they had concluded that due to the presence of RNA from Clock Genes in hair, they can identify when we will sleep and we are now sleeping or not.
  • Our fingers didn’t have any muscles but it is connected with the hand’s muscles so all the movement of the fingers is done by our hand’s muscles.
  • A phenomenon whose name is “PLACEBO SLEEP” which states that when we have slept only for 4-5 hours and then when we only think and think that we have slept enough then the functioning of the brain gets improved.
  • When the first iPhone was launched then it had only “128 MB RAM” so most of the phone got crashed by its user.
  • A man whose name was Michael Kovatch had registered by chance “IPHONE.COM” as its domain name before the launch of iPhone but when it was informed to Steve Jobs then he paid a lot of money to Michael Kovatch to buy the domain.
  • We like hot food more than the cold food because in our tongue there is a channel whose name is “TRPM5” who gives strong signals to the brain when we eat hot food but when we eat cold food then the signal becomes low intensity.
  • Snakes can sense the earthquakes under 75 Km. And they went to their snake nests to safeguard herself.
  • Potatoes have a property that they can reflect and absorb the signals of wi-fi. So we can use potatoes to enhance the performance of wi-fi.
  • When we say "Touch" then our lips don't touch each other but when we say "Separate" then they touch each other. So it is Vice-Versa.
  • Peregrine-Falcon is a bird that travels at 320 Km/hr and it is the fastest bird that lives in the world.
  • A documentary was made on Warren Buffett and Bill Gates then they were placed in two separate rooms and asked them to write the secret of their success in only one word then they have written the same word which is “FOCUS”.
  • Andre The Giant who is the man who had made a world record in drinking 73 litres of beer and it didn't harm him much because he only vomited twice.
  • MALAYALAM is a language when we read it then we will read MALAYALAM and when we read it back then it will be the same as we have read it normally.
  • Pineapple takes about one year to convert it from flower to fruit and it takes more than one years to mature and after a few months, it will be ready to eat. So, a pineapple takes about 1.5-2.5 years to grow.
  • According to some research, it was concluded that the harmful effects of "Loneliness" are as equal as the harmful effects of inhaling 15 cigarettes in the whole day.
  • There are various dimples in the golf ball when we count the total number of dimples in it then the total number of the dimples will be about “336” in number.
  • Hero company is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world and it has about “46%” of the total market share of the world.
  • The strongest sound produced by Whales which is about 128 dB(decibels) which can be heard from 800 Km far away from where the sound is produced.

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